CyberTech offers good business opportunities for resellers interested in setting up their own
Web Hosting Business. You need not have to involve yourself in investing large amounts in setting up
necessary internet backbone connectivity and other related harware.

For a nominal annual rental, you will have all facilities at your finger tips and you can
concentrate on building up your business. Read on .....

  • High Speed Backbone Connectivity
  • Windows NT Server
  • Full Access to Server
  • MS Access database access
  • Active Server Pages
  • Web based free Domain Registrations
  • Anonymous domain name servers
  • Listing your firm as Tech Contact
  • Flexible Hosting Plans
High Speed Backbone Multiple, redundant High Speed T3 connections (45 Mbps) facilitates you to host many sites within your account without any loss in upstream or downstream speeds. Backed with large backup power systems, server uptime is guaranteed all the time

Windows NT Server

State of Art Server running Windows NT 4.0 to give you total configuration, hosting and programming flexibility

Full Server Access

You will be provided full access to your site as well as all sites hosted by you 24 hours, 365 days.

Site creation, configuration, file uploading and all related facilities will be at your fingertips to have your and your clients sites up and running in shortest times

Database Access

MS Access database access supported. You can create, edit, modify, update and manipulate your datarecords on the servers programatically by simple ASP coding.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages is fully supported. That means you can create and upload Active Server Pages on the server in real time.

Supports VB Script, Javascript, Server Side Includes and PERL 5.

Free Domain Registrations

Using our Web based Domain Services, you can register new domains for your customers effortlessly.

Availability of domain names can be checked up speedily and domains registerd instantly. InterNIC charges will apply; however you have the choice of paying either in US or Indian currency.

If needed we can assist and speed up work relating to New Registrations or Domain transfer on request,

Anonymous Domain Servers

You are aware that when a customer looks up at InterNIC's whois database for their domain name, they can find out to which servers their domains point to.

From a resellers angle, it is preferable that the above information is not provided or at least some anonymous servers are shown.

For all our resellers, we provide anonymous domain server facility. Whenever you register a new domain for your customer, whois database records will not show our servers as domain servers but will only show some anonymous names. Thus your customers will never get to know that you have hosted their site on our server while at the same time giving them a feeling that they have been hosted on your own server.

Technical Contact

Whenever you register domain names, your nominated name, email address etc will be used as Technical Contact for all such domains in InterNIC database records. This can be verified soon after the name registration process is over..

This again prevents our name be seen by any of your customers at anytime.

Reseller Hosting Plans

We have several reseller hosting plans to suit every pocket.

Start with whichever that suits you best and you can upgrade to a higher level as your business grows up.


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