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Q1) In our organisation we have more than 120 staff members. We have want to give a separate
email ID for each of them,
Is there any limitation on number of emails IDs ?
A) No,. You can have as many email forwarding accounts
as you need without any additional fees.

Q2) How many POP3 accounts can I have in one account?
A) You can opt to have as many as you desire.

Q3) How many email Forwarding accounts can I have in one account?
A) Unlimited.

Q4) Do you provide Autoresponder facility ?
A) Yes, without any additional cost.

Q5) Can I send bulk, yet target email using your servers?
A) No. We consider bulk email of any kind to be spam. We do not tolerate spam.

Q6) How do I configure my email Client ? I use Outlook Express.
Click here to view Outlook Express configuration details

Q7) How do I configure my email Client ?
A7)If you are using an email client other than Outlook Express or MS Outlook, we suggest 
you follow instructions that have come with that software. Use pop3.yourdomainname for
 incoming POP3 server and smtp.yourdomainname for outgoing smtp. Also make
sure that the option 'my smtp server requires authentication' is enabled.



Q1) Which version of Perl do you use?
A) We use the latest version from ActiveState.

Q2) What is the path to perl?
A) You do not need to know the path to perl, since .pl is associated with perl on our Windows NT servers.

Q3) What about ASP sendmail stuff?
A) Yes, we can provide this. Contact our Support Group.


Q1) What dns servers should I use when I transfer my domain?
A) The primary server host name should be ns1.afraid.org
The primary server net address should be
The secondary server host name should be ns2.afraid.org
The secondary server net address should be

Q2) Can I register a new Domain and park the same without hosting - free of cost?
A) Yes, parking for any length of time is free. InterNIC charges towards registration will apply

Q3) Can you assist us in the domain registration ?
A) Yes, use the simple fill-in forms on our web site. Contact us over phone in case of difficulties.

Q4) Can I have anonymous dns server names ?
A) Yes, you can. See answer to Q1 above.

Q5) What is your connection to the Internet?
A) We are connected to a multipeer T3 backbone.

Q6) How do I transfer a .com, .net, or .org domain to your services?
A) Please check your record for letters you had received from your current service provider and see
if they have given you necessary handle or password for managing your domain. If yes, use the 
same and change DNS Servers for your domain to our dns servers as in answer to A1 above.
Also modify registrant as well as Admin Contact email ID to your current working emailID.
10. Change line 'No, but since these are Windows NT servers, there is no reason you will need 
telnet access.' to 'No, but since these are Windows 2003 servers, there is no reason you will need 
telnet access.

Q7) Do you support international domains?
A) We are able to host most international domains.

Q8) Can I get a dialup account with you?
A) No, we specialize in web hosting. You will need to get dialup access through your local ISP.

Q9) Can I order unlimited storage space?
A) No, but you can order additional space if you need it. Storage space is pre-defined for each hosting plan

Q10) Can I try out an account for a while before I decide to buy?
A) Yes, in some cases. Contact us for details.

Q11) How many IP addresses do I get?
A) We do not give you an IP. All the sites we host are mapped to the IP of
our CoyotePoint Equalizer, which load balances all of the sites we host across all of the servers in our server racks.

Q12) Do I get telnet access?
A) No, but since these are Windows 2003 servers, there is no reason you will need 
telnet access.

Q1) Can I set this up so
and mydomain.com both map to the same place?
A) By default
and domain.com always map to the same place.


Q4) Do I get the ability to set a password protected subdirectory and give access to selctive users ?
A) Yes, contact our support group.


Q1) Is there any additional fee for using ASP?
A) There is no additional fee for using ASP.

Q2) Can I change my default page from index.html to default.asp?
A) The default page is actually index.*, so you could use index.asp instead of index.html
if you were planning to build an asp based website.

Q3) The URL security utility only seems to accept the www addresses.
Will the security applied to the www address also apply to the non www address?
A) It automatically applies to both.

Q4) I tried to sign up on your secure server but it didn't work ( page cant be displayed!! )
A) If you are using IE5, disable TLS in your browser.


Q1) Do you support VBScript 5 on your servers?
A) We are using the latest version of the MS scripting engine.

Q2) Do your servers have the runtimes for Visual Basic installed?
A) All of our servers have the VB5 runtimes installed. Additionally, we have installed
most of the ActiveX components that ship with VB5.


Q2) What databases can I use for my Web Site ?
A) We support MS Access 2000 and MySQL by default on all hosting plans.
You do not pay anything extra for this
We also support MS SQL Server 2000

Q3) How many ODBC links can I have in one account?
A) There is no limit.

Q4) Do you offer MS-SQL support?
A) Yes, we provide MS SQL Sever 2000 running on Windows 2003.
Contact sales@cybrtec.net for pricing details

Q5) Do you offer technical support?
A) Yes. over phone as well as Email is available to customers.


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